A few years ago, exactly four and a half, I achieved my dream and goal in life, which was to set up my own business. To get to where I am now, I’ve had to work hard and put a lot of feeling and effort into what I do, and above all be very creative.

In my early days, I started working in a particular way, until I woke up and realized that I was not really fulfilling my illusion as a child.

I can finally say that I have been doing so for some time. On the basis of much constancy, we have created a salon of hairdressers and aesthetics in which our customers can find everything they need, with a large area dedicated to hairdressers and another to aesthetics, which is based on the skin laser, treatments, and manicure services made by a specialist. We also have make-up and hairdressing services, for any great occasion.

Concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, we strive day by day to provide good service, accompanied by reasonable prices to the upswing of their pockets, and offering the most advanced treatments with high-quality products delivered by professionals. We can say that our service is very personal and we have created a very familiar environment, the best thing we can do is to make the customer feel comfortable and comfortable.

This hall has become our only space, thus centralising our activity and fulfilling the dream for which I have worked and trained throughout my professional life. More than four years of age, it created hairdressing and aesthetic fashion in the Vallès Occidental.